Resonate Solutions Overview

Information has become a competitive differentiator for enterprises in many industries around the world. A company’s ability to provide reliable access to actionable information determines its likelihood of achieving business continuity necessary to succeed in an on-demand global economy. This requirement for high performing, highly available applications, is driving IT organizations to find solutions that ensure unshakable information availability across the enterprise.

On the other hand, enterprises are simultaneously looking to simplify and optimize business operations. IT requires solutions that will help dramatically increase employee productivity and business agility, while concurrently streamlining administration and delivering cost savings.

Whether internally driven requirements such as the accessibility of mission-critical applications such as SAP or Oracle Financials, or external services, such as web hosting, e-commerce and social media sites, these different applications mandate solutions that are enabled for rapid response, high availability, and flexible scalability. Application delivery solutions provide full availability and maximum performance for all applications, while dramatically cutting day-to-day operating costs.

Application Delivery Solutions

In multi-server environments, Resonate provides many of the benefits expected from high availability and fast application delivery. Our products provides high availability to ensure customers are always able to access the information or services they want 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Resonate’s software load balancing solutions allow organizations to:

  • Keep business open 24/7 with automatic detection and resolution of failed servers
  • Keep business growing by quickly and easily adding servers to a cluster
  • Keep business optimized with intelligent traffic scheduling to servers and sites with the optimal load and fastest response time
  • Keep business flexible and lowering TCO by layering Resonate software on existing infrastructure
  • Keep business moving by capturing site performance data for historical charting and trend reporting

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