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Enterprise data centers are critical to the success of many organizations, and software load balancing plays a key role in improving the responsiveness and availability of applications. A lack of proper load balancing can place stress on your company's servers and reduce efficiency in the workplace. Resonate is a leading provider of best in class software load balancing solutions. By relying on our load balancers, your business can keep up with the ever-increasing demands placed on applications by employees and customers.

Load Balancing Features And Benefits

More value.

Reduce Costs

Server load balancing allows you to save more than 75% compared to using traditional hardware solutions. You also get access to all of the features for one low price, without having to pay extra.


Maximize Performance

Whether deployed for a low use application or a massive server farm, our software load balancing products deliver maximum speed and performance. You'll have access to the full capabilities of our software—without limits.

Easy and simple.

Quick Deployment

Get everything up and running in five minutes or less. With our load balancing products, you'll never have to worry about using a complex user interface. Our server load balancing software is simple and easy to use due to its user-friendly design.

Smart monitoring.

Smart Monitoring

Have your applications available around the clock. Our smart monitoring solutions combine active and passive based testing for ultimate protection and security.

Always available.

Always Available

We focus on availability so you can avoid frustration. Our software load balancing reduces downtime and ensures that you always remain online, giving you increased efficiency and productivity.

Cloud friendly.

Cloud Friendly

Our software load balancing solutions can easily be deployed on popular public cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, VMware, KVM, Xen, and more. Build and scale public, private, or hybrid clouds.

Advanced Server Load Balancing

Our advanced server load balancing software plays a key role in distributing service requests evenly across the most available servers. This results in making your applications fully redundant, easily scalable, and available at all times. Additional benefits of our advanced server load balancing include dynamic provisioning, improved reliability, better utilization, and cost-effectiveness.

Global Server Load Balancing

Global server load balancing combines multiple data centers across a geographically dispersed network into a single resource to help companies with disaster recovery and business continuity plans. The benefits of global server load balancing include more efficient use of resources, easy management, scalability, and dynamic load balancing.

Intelligent Load Balancing for Intelligent Networks and Applications

Resonate uses advanced server load balancing technology to help improve efficiency and the responsiveness of applications. Our patented, active intelligence technology allows us to meet the unique needs of each client through software load balancing. The world of technology is constantly evolving, but the use of software load balancing solutions can help you maximize efficiency and limit downtime in the workplace. Resonate is never satisfied with the status quo but continues to look at ways to optimize and improve server performance for businesses of all sizes.

Client Testimonials

GameShadow utilizes Resonate Central Dispatch to optimize their user experience and availability for the de-facto online source for the avid gaming community.



Resonate Central Dispatch optimizes customer experience and availability for Bank of America.

Bank of America

Vincent Adams


T-Mobile chooses Resonate to solve the challenges of Seibel migration to VM.


Vanessa Gibbs


Lilly chooses Resonate Central Dispatch to provide high utilization and availability for under-utilized and under-used server assets.

Eli Lilly and Company

Joel Ellis

Font-end Developer