Load Balancing Solutions for Web Servers

The Importance of Load Balancing

The growing number and importance of web applications has driven organizations to find solutions that optimize performance, availability and response time for delivering applications to diverse users and devices. The foundation of every application delivery solution is advanced server load balancing and traffic management across all aspects of the application – including servers and databases serving local and remote users from one or more data centers.

Today’s diverse user-aware, interactive and multimedia applications have changed the rules for traditional enterprise advanced server load balancing. To optimally distribute traffic in today’s heterogeneous network and application environment requires much more awareness not only of the applications, but of the server and network infrastructure that surrounds them.

Resonate’s advanced server load balancing solutions are ideally suited to meet this demand with our patented and proven Active Intelligence technology that optimizes all applications, allowing them to work faster, more reliably and consume fewer resources. Resonate solutions are cost-effective and easy to deploy. Because Resonate is located in front of the applications and servers, they provide you with greater control, allowing you to more easily manage your applications and servers.

Central Dispatch – SLB

Software load balancer featuring Active Intelligence technology.

Delivers unparalleled optimization of the user experience for ALL

Eases management of applications and server infrastructure for data
center administrators.

CDvLB – Central Dispatch vLB

Virtual load balancing software allocates multiple virtual and/or
physical server resources.

Efficiently load balances traffic to accelerate responses to users
downloading applications and requesting content.

Supports VMware, KVM, HyperV, Xen and Amazon virtual platforms.

Global Dispatch – GSLB

Multi-site software load balancer improves application performance
and ensures disaster recovery and business continuity.

Provides high availability and optimum performance for geographically
distributed applications.

Central Dispatch Console

Protects organizations from applications that may become unavailable, or respond too slowly.

Monitors health and performance of applications and database servers.

Uses server resource information to make more intelligent traffic
management decisions.

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