Microsoft Forefront UAG Server

High-performance and High Availability for Forefront UAG

Server with Forefront UAG are vital to protecting your business assets. Therefore, it’s is essential that high application performance and reliability is ensured, and can scale to meet your growing remote user traffic. That means distributed load balancing for Forefront UAG is more important than ever.

Global Dispatch’s unique Active Intelligence technology enables multiple data center UAG deployments to act as a single, highly available system. With Global Dispatch, load balancing traffic among multiple UAG deployments is seamless. All data centers share the same URL(s) or host names, and are redundant with one another, both in terms of scalability, and availability. Resonate Global Dispatch monitors the data centers with distributed Forefront UAG servers. When a failure is detected in the data center, Global Dispatch automatically redirects traffic away from the failed data center.