Microsoft Exchange 2010

High-performance and High Availability for Exchange 2010

Exchange 2010 infrastructure is mission-critical to your business. Therefore, it’s is essential that high application performance and reliability is ensured, and can be scaled to handle growing content, attachments and user traffic. That makes load balancing for Exchange 2010 more important than ever.

Resonate Central Dispatch is an easy to deploy software load balancer (see our deployment guide). Central Dispatch’s unique Active Intelligence technology and distributed software agents collect fine-grained detail such as server CPU load and memory utilization to determine server health, while the CD Schedulers test other pre-defined metrics. Central Dispatch load balancer takes real-time, intelligent action, to route traffic requests to ensure maximum availability and performance for Exchange 2010 applications. By intelligently managing traffic, user requests are processed quickly and accurately. Resonate Central Dispatch is the perfect solution for Exchange 2010 .