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Resonate Network’s Software Load Balancing Benefits



The biggest advantage that software load balancers have over hardware load balancing devices is their scalability. Software load balancers can add or drop virtual servers according to demand, responding automatically and in real time to fluctuations in network traffic.

Cloud friendly.


Software load balancers are also more flexible than hardware load balancers because they are compatible with a variety of environments. They can be programmed to work with standard desktop operating systems, cloud environments, bare metal, virtual servers, and containers. Hardware load balancers are not as flexible because they are not programmable.

More value.


Server load balancing allows you to save more than 75% compared to using traditional hardware solutions. You also get access to all of the features for one low price, without having to pay extra.

Easy and simple.

Ease of Deployment

Hardware load balancers can be difficult and expensive to install, but software load balancers are easy to deploy on demand, saving money and time. Our software load balancing solutions can easily be deployed on popular public cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, VMware, KVM, Xen, and more.

Always available.


Finally, load-balancing software that sits in between the client and the server offers an extra layer of security with the ability to reject suspicious packets before they reach the server. Our smart monitoring solutions combine active and passive based testing for ultimate protection and security.

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