Resonate opens up virtual load balancer market with free, fully-functional product

Morgan Hill, CA, Resonate®, a leader in software-based load balancing, today introduced a flexible and easy to install option for deploying virtual load balancing – Central Dispatch virtual Load Balancer (CDvLB); a free and fully-functional virtual load balancer for accelerating data center applications.

Resonate’s Central Dispatch virtual Load Balancer (CDvLB) provides traffic management capabilities that ensure dependable performance and responsiveness for application delivery within the data center. The Resonate free proxy mode version of CDvLB includes two content nodes and a peer-driven community forum for support.

A single free CDvLB can support a small enterprise, or part of a cloud service provider’s internal data center. CDvLB is perfect for organizations with virtual IT environments that need easy and flexible load balancing of their virtual and physical server resources. The product is easy to deploy, and takes advantage of all of Resonate’s load balancing, health-checking and acceleration technologies to improve response times for users downloading applications and requesting website content.

“Our software-based traffic management with support for virtual environments makes it extremely easy to deploy intelligent load balancing for enterprise data centers and cloud infrastructure,” said Sam Farhad, VP of sales at Resonate. “Our free, fully functional virtual load balancer breaks down barriers associated with the acquisition and deployment costs for traffic management.”

With CDvLB, enterprises can easily and flexibly scale their network performance as traffic demands increase. IT organizations benefit through greater control by automating server resource allocation, and aligning server resources to meet on-demand business needs, such as scaling to meet growing traffic, ensuring business agility and disaster recovery, and improving application delivery performance.

Service and cloud providers can create monthly “pay as you grow” load balancing services. Resonate makes it easy to grow load balancing infrastructure by adding additional on-demand, paid CDvLB licenses. These additional load balancer instances can be deployed by customers to meet growing network traffic demands. Because of the cost-effective nature of deploying CDvLB, customers can provision a dedicated CDvLB to manage a specific application, or specific group of applications.

Availability and Pricing

The Resonate CDvLB in proxy mode is available today as a free download at CDvLB. Assistance with installation and support is provided through an online community forum located on the Resonate CDvLB website. Product registration is required, while the CDvLB community forum registration is optional.

About Resonate

Founded in 1995, Resonate helps enterprise and cloud IT organizations address today’s many challenges related to new and complex applications, diverse user devices and growing traffic diversity. Today’s data centers struggle to keep up with the ever-changing and dynamic nature of delivering applications to diverse users. Resonate provides the efficiencies that overcome application delivery bottlenecks and reliability challenges that IT administrators face.

Resonate delivers extraordinary scalability and flexibility, enabling rapid deployment of software-based load balancing on any hardware platform, and with diverse hypervisor support for virtual environments. Resonate’s load balancing solutions enable strategic IT initiatives, including data center traffic optimization, cloud computing and disaster recovery.

Thousands of enterprises and service providers throughout the world rely on Resonate solutions to deliver their applications quickly and reliably, while lowering CAPEX and OPEX costs. For more information go to resonate.