Resonate Global Dispatch™ accelerates and load balances Microsoft® Forefront UAG 2010

Global Dispatch, Central Dispatch and CDvLB load balancers deliver load balancing and intelligent application delivery through Resonate’s Active Intelligence.

Morgan Hill, CA, January 7, 2014 – Resonate, Inc®, a leader in software-based load balancing, today announced the availability of Global Dispatch for load balancing Microsoft Forefront UAG. Resonate Global Dispatch™ delivers unparalleled optimization of the user experience for Forefront UAG deployemnts, while easing the management of server infrastructure for data center administrators.

Microsoft Forefront UAG brings complete, secure remote access to corporate resources for employees, partners, and vendors on both managed and unmanaged PCs and mobile devices. Resonate Global Dispatch allows Forefront UAG customers to easily scale their deployments by optimizing access to multiple, geographically dispersed locations and distributed server environments.

“We are very excited about our support for the Forefront UAG,” said Sam Farhad, VP of sales at Resonate. “Companies with dispersed workforces, customers and partners are increasingly using the Internet to access corporate resources. Because of the escalating use of a wide range of endpoint devices, IT administrators need to provide secure and reliable access to their resources, and therefore, access to the Forefront UAG servers must be fast and reliable, and must scale to meet the demands.”

Forefront UAG server administrators deploy Global Dispatch with its Active Intelligence to ensure their users receive a positive experience, by programmatically providing preferential services in addition to high availability and performance.

Forefront UAG native multi-node deployments enable support for greater numbers of clients. However, in doing so, administrators lose a great deal of flexibility and manageability, as these deployments require all the Forefront UAG servers to be located in the same data center, and on the same network segments. The default UAG deployment relies on DNS round robin for the distribution of client requests across different data centers or network segments.

Using Global Dispatch’s Active Intelligence, multiple data center UAG deployments can act as a single, highly available system. With the Global Dispatch layer, the ability to load balance traffic across multiple UAG deployments is seamless. All data centers share the same url(s) or host names, and are redundant with one another, both in terms of scalability, as well as availability.

Resonate Global Dispatch monitors the data centers with distributed Forefront UAG servers. When a failure is detected in the data center, Global Dispatch automatically redirects traffic away from the failed data center.

About Resonate

Founded in 1995, Resonate helps enterprise and cloud IT organizations address today’s many challenges related to new and complex applications, diverse user devices and growing traffic diversity. Today’s data centers struggle to keep up with the ever-changing and dynamic nature of delivering applications to diverse users. Resonate provides the efficiencies that overcome application delivery bottlenecks and reliability challenges that IT administrators face.

Resonate delivers extraordinary scalability and flexibility, enabling rapid deployment of software-based load balancing on any hardware platform, and with diverse hypervisor support for virtual environments. Resonate’s load balancing solutions enable strategic IT initiatives, including data center traffic optimization, cloud computing and disaster recovery.

Thousands of enterprises and service providers throughout the world rely on Resonate solutions to deliver their applications quickly and reliably, while lowering CAPEX and OPEX costs. Visit resonate for more information or to follow the company’s activities.